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European Open

Event FCI European Open
Dates July 27-29, 2018
Location Vienna, Austria
Selection by... Tryout, Application
Open to... Registered Breeds, Mixed Breeds
Canada sends... 16 Large dogs + 16 Small/Medium dogs
Jump Heights

Congratulations to Team Canada for 2018!


1. Gail Kamitomo and Frankie
2. Debby DaCosta and Krystal
3. Leslie Dawson-North and Cuba
WITHDRAWN: Devon Hennessey and Toast


1. Meghan Turton and Jazz
2. Jen Medos and Gru
3. Simon Gingras and Fame
4. Simon Gingras and Halo
5. Annie Vézina and Mecson
6. Geneviève Lacroix and Hunni
7. Pam Struiksma and Pirate


1. Jessica Patterson and Trix
2. Jessica Patterson and Lux
3. Liana Klohn and Flight
4. Julie Lizotte and Pixie
5. Nicole Brown and Rowan
6. Justine Davenport and Dino
7. Katrina Miller and Skye
8. Rose Martin Baumgartner and Bristol


9. Geneviève Lacroix and Pippa
10. Chris Krol and Talos
11. Justine Davenport and Summit
12. Shelley Henry and Wysh
13. Mark Herfert and FLY
14. Ana Mrksic and Jagger
15. Steve Walsh and Jett
16. Geneviève Lacroix and Ikuma

Theresa Rector and WiFi (SC)
Teri Oneill and Loco
Mary DeCarolis and Scully

Gail Kamitomo and Frankie

Gail Kamitomo and FRANKIE

Debby DaCosta with Krystal

Debby DaCosta and KRYSTAL

Leslie Dawson-North and Cuba

Leslie Dawson-North and CUBA

Meghan Turton and Jazz

Meghan Turton and JAZZ

Jen Medos and Gru

Jen Medos and GRU

Simon Gingras and Fame

Simon Gingras and FAME

Simon Gingras and Halo

Simon Gingras and HALO

Annie Vézina and Mecson

Annie Vézina and MECSON

Geneviève Lacroix and Hunni

Geneviève Lacroix and HUNNI

Pam Struiksma and Pirate

Pam Struiksma and PIRATE

Jessica Patterson and TRIX

Jessica Patterson and TRIX

Jessica Patterson and LUX

Jessica Patterson and LUX

Liana Klohn and Flight

Liana Klohn and FLIGHT

Julie Lizotte and PIXIE

Julie Lizotte and PIXIE

Nicole Brown and Rowan

Nicole Brown and ROWAN

Justine Davenport and Dino

Justine Davenport and DINO

Katrina Miller and SKYE

Katrina Miller and SKYE

Rose Martin Baumgartner and Bristol

Rose Martin Baumgartner and BRISTOL

Geneviève Lacroix and Pippa

Geneviève Lacroix and PIPPA

Chris Krol and TALOS

Chris Krol and TALOS

Justine Davenport and SUMMIT

Justine Davenport and SUMMIT

Shelley Henry and Wysh

Shelley Henry and WYSH

Mark Herfert and FLY

Mark Herfert and FLY

Ana Mrksic and JAGGER

Ana Mrksic and JAGGER

Steve Walsh and JETT

Steve Walsh and JETT

Geneviève Lacroix and IKUMA

Geneviève Lacroix and IKUMA

WITHDRAWN: Theresa Rector and WIFI

WITHDRAWN: Theresa Rector and WIFI

WITHDRAWN: Teri Oneill and Loco

WITHDRAWN: Teri Oneill and LOCO

WITHDRAWN: Devon Hennessey and Toast

WITHDRAWN: Devon Hennessey and TOAST

WITHDRAWN: Mary DeCarolis and Scully

WITHDRAWN: Mary DeCarolis and SCULLY

Eligibility Criteria for EO Team 2019

Tryouts are open to all dogs with CKC Registration. In 2019, EO applicants will be required to COMPETE in four CKC trials during the period of March 26, 2018, to the evening before Tryouts 2019. CKC Agility trials normally offer two trials a day. Two days, one weekend, typically has 4 trials. (For example, Halifax Kennel Club is hosting CKC Agility on Aug 31-Sept 2. There are 6 trials during this show.) You are required to enter, and run, in four trials. Make note of your run and results in your CKC RECORD BOOK. Qualifying in the run is not mandatory, we are looking for support of the CKC Agility for all dogs who are named to the CKC ATC EO Team.