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European Open

Event FCI European Open
Dates July 28 - 31, 2022
Location Opglabbeekallinn, Belgium
Selection by... Tryout, Application
Open to... Registered Breeds, Mixed Breeds
Canada sends... 12 Large dogs + 8 Small dogs + 8 Medium dogs
Jump Heights

Congratulations to Team Canada for 2022!


1. Kirstin O'Neill and Pinnacle Penguin
2. Roxane Pardiac and Chit Chat
3. Jenna Crawford and Witness
4. Ana Mrksic and Maverick
5. Roxane Pardiac and Ka-Pow!
6. Kate Polkovsky and Love
7. Anji McKelvie and Swayze
8. Candice Malvin and Fawkes
9. Kassandra Harink and Loki
10. Brittany Holland and Lyric
11. Candice Malvin and Rodeo
12. Ainsley Sykes and Zing

1. Karen Childs and J.R.
2. Jenn Coltman and Nyxie


1. Kirstin O'Neill and Crocodile Crunch
2. Seanna O'Neill and Chips
3. Karen Childs and Glow
4. Nickie C and Ultra
5. Romy Dupal-Demers and Creature
6. Diana Calligan and Alibi
7. Stephanie Taillefer and Elsa
8. Debby DaCosta and Bazyl

1. Stephanie Taillefer and Joy


1. Roxane Pardiac and Gotcha!
2. Kim Boyes and Spark
3. Maya Celuch and Milly
4. Seanna O'Neill and Daeny
5. Ann Carrington and Esprit
6. Cathy Taylor and Shine
7. Debby DaCosta and Josey
8. Niki Anderson and Gracie Hart

2022 Agility Team Canada - EO

Large Dog Team

Large Team (full)
Large Team: The

The "Eh" Team
Jenna Crawford and Witness
Roxane Pardiac and Chit Chat
Ana Mrksic and Maverick
Kirstin O'Neill and Pinnacle Penguin

Large Team: Canadian Border Patrol

Canadian Border Patrol
Roxane Pardiac and Ka-Pow!
Candice Malvin and Fawkes
Kate Polkovsky and Love
Anji McKelvie and Swayze

Large Team: Canadian Red and Blacks

Canadian Red and Blacks
Kassandra Harink and Loki
Ainsley Sykes and Zing
Candice Malvin and Rodeo
Brittany Holland and Lyric

Medium Dog Team

Medium Team (full)
Medium Team: Frozen in Canada

Frozen in Canada
Debby DaCosta and Bazyl
Stephanie Taillefer and Elsa
Diana Calligan and Alibi
Romy Dupal-Demers and Creature

Medium Team: GUCC'EH & the Oil Queens

GUCC'EH & the Oil Queens
Nickie C and Ultra
Kirstin O'Neill and Crocodile Crunch
Seanna O'Neill and Chips
Karen Childs and Glow


Small Dog Team

Small Team (full)
Small Team: Mighty Mini Maple Leafs

Mighty Mini Maple Leafs
Kim Boyes and Spark
Maya Celuch and Milly
Roxane Pardiac and Gotcha!
Seanna O'Neill and Daeny

Small Team: The Flamin' Timbits

The Flamin' Timbits
Debby DaCosta and Josey
Niki Anderson and Gracie Hart
(Also joining this team: Miro Zg Stefanec and Zen, Croatia)


Traveling Alternates

Traveling Alternates

Karen Childs and J.R. (large)
Stephanie Taillefer and Joy (medium)