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Competition Teams for 2023

Agility World Championships    October 4-8, Czech Republic


Arctic Cyclone and Meaghan O'Neill (Team, Individual)
Chit Chat and Roxane Pardiac (Team, Individual)
Fury and Tiffany Salmon (Team, Individual)
J.R. and Karen Childs (Team)
Pinnacle Penguin and Kirstin O'Neill (Individual)
RESERVE: Sci-Fi and Suzanne Boldt


Aloha and Tiffany Salmon (Team, Individual)
Logan and Shandy Blake (Team, Individual)
Crave and Aaron Froude (Team, Individual)
Beatrix and Becky Borton (Team)
RESERVE: Keys and Karen Childs


Ballistic Beast and Kirstin O'Neill (Team, Individual)
Bee-Line and Kayl McCann (Team, Individual)
Prodigy and Teri O'Neill (Team, Individual)
Otter and Becky Borton (Team)
RESERVE: Creature and Romy Dupal-Demers


Gotcha! and Roxane Pardiac (Team, Individual)
Esprit and A Carrington (Team, Individual)
Shine and Cathy Taylor (Team)
Keeper and Carolyn McIntyre (Team)
RESERVE: Spark and Kim Boyes

European Open    July 27-30, Denmark

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1. Kirstin O'Neill and Pinnacle Penguin
2. Roxane Pardiac and Chit Chat
3. Ana Mrksic and Maverick
4. Roxane Pardiac and Ka-Pow!
5. Hannah Packowski and Zest
6. Roxane Pardiac and Meep Meep!
7. Devon Hennessy and Erie
8. Dove Cresswell and Jedi

1. Linda Saab and KobeBryant


1. Brittany Holland and Lyric
2. Shandy Blake and Logan
3. Leslie Dawson-North and Pizzazz
4. Angela McRae and Eugene
5. Erika Anderson and Seven
6. Whitney Shaver and Thyme
7. Pierre-Luc Cyr and Hype Energy
8. Ali Erskine and Cali

1. Chloe Andre and Majich Maple


1. Kirstin O'Neill and Ballistic Beast
2. Diana Calligan and Alibi
3. Elaine Welbourn and Ryder
4. Kim Dick and Epic
5. Debby DaCosta and Bazyl
6. Kim Boudreau and Nexus
7. Kirk Peterman and Grizzly Adams

1. Neil Slack and Bruiser


1. Roxane Pardiac and Gotcha!
2. Jesse Hamaliuk and Evo
3. Cathy Taylor and Shine
4. Debby DaCosta and Josey
5. Seanna O'Neill and Daeny

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